Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Master Artist of JHC

Dev Kala Devi Karn is kayastha by caste. Kayasthas are popular for their creative work of Mithila painting. She has been drawing on the wall of the houses on the occasion of marriages and festivals since her child work. As the office in which her husband had been working collapsed, her family fall in economical crisis. She got information about JHC from one of her friend and visited there. Her ability of making different types of art became the reason of her selection in JHC. Now she is earning decent income and running her family.

About her career, she says, “….i didn’t face any kind of objection because I have been knowing Madan kala karn since her childhood as we were from same village. Also my situation was very bad which made people to shut their mouth.”

Dev kala devi karn is one of the Master artist of JHC. She is expert in drawing all kind of painting. She doesn’t do only the ritual painting but also the series of painting of local stories, daily life of Maithili people as well as birds and animals.

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